Joint Sovreignty and Joint Policing: PSNI and An Garda Siochana

pipe dream
How are you going to sort that? The 50:50 recruitment policy imposed by the Patten reforms has now ended.
We’ll once more have a Protestant police for a Protestant people.
b specials
no popery
Get your head out of the sand.
head in sand
I’ve told you over and over again. There’s
no way back
No surrender!No surrender!

Do give over.
That just convinces people that joint sovereignty is all the more urgent. Loyalists are now one of several minorities in NI.
its not true
The latest census says so
2011 census
Green is Catholic and Orange is Protestant.

Just for the sake of talking how would joint policing work?
At present people living in NI can apply to join the Garda Siochana and people living in the Republic can apply to the PSNI. Both services probably select the same type of applicants because all modern police forces have similar aims and duties
crime scene
psni badge
Their purpose is to make Northern Ireland safer for everyone through Personal (dealing with local concerns), Professional (service excellence), Protective Policing (tackling serious harm)
garda badge
Their core values and principles are
Honesty – Being honest and ethical and adhering to the principles of fairness and justice
Accountability – Accepting individual responsibility and ensuring public accountability
Respect – Having respect for people, their Human Rights and their needs
Professionalism – Providing a professional policing service to all communities

Combining all those ideals would give us an unbelievably top-class police service

Salaries are similar
ster and euro
The starting salary as a PSNI Police Constable is £23,259.
A Class A Garda on attestation gets 27,100 euros .

Both forces are starting recruitment drives.
The PSNI hopes may add nearly 500 new officers to the force by 2015 – including more Catholics and people from the west of Northern Ireland. It will particularly welcome applicants from Fermanagh, Tyrone and Londonderrywhere recruitment is low
Wonder why?
2011 census
Maybe people in those areas would be happier with the Garda Siochana?
yes of course
Interestingly, recruitment to An Garda Siochána is set to recommence after being suspended for several years because of the public sector hiring freeze

The Public Appointments Service say they have received some 27,000 ‘expressions of interest’
The new recruits could easily be trained to work together

paisley 4
Anyway how would they work together?
Under Joint Sovreignty
if the local MP opts for Westminster we have the PSNI operating in the constituency,
If s/he opts for the Dail we have An Garda Siochana.
If there’s a large minority either way in the constituency we have combined operations.

Balcanization of NI!!
No, a rational solution to some of the tribal problems that beset NI.
makes sense

4 thoughts on “Joint Sovreignty and Joint Policing: PSNI and An Garda Siochana

  1. Joint Sovereignty is definitely a threat that needs to be made to PUL community should Haass fail. I’m holding out for the whole shebang – a united Ireland – one agreed to by PUL . ” Yous on the buckie lad ” I hear you say? No and here’s why: CNR is outplaying PUL , and the game is soon to be up my friend .
    When you hear MmG in Stormont today extolling the virtues of PSNI/An Garda Siochana as per your post CNR is in a good space .. PUL can hardly even back the PSNI anymore – seen the loyalists calling PSNI : PSNIRA ? SF are now the party of law and order, amazing and brilliant ( they always had morality anyway ) and now PUL are seen for what they are : anti british, anti police anti law and order – this is hugely significant because they have nowhere now to go to – the space they held dear albeit hypocritically for years is no longer a space they can call their own, they have ceded this territory – they have surrendered it . together with the OO , DUP are now nothing more than rotten sectarian lawless troublemakers naysayers and bullies – they have exposed themselves fully this year .. SF and others can and will use the courts, the parliaments, the gov’t bodies to frustrate them, as we all know equality is the name of the game . PSNI will uphold these laws as will British Irish Govt’s .. so PUL have 3 options 1) find agreement with Haass 2) contemplate joint sovereignty or 3) implode under the weight of their own contradictions – esp the one about saying their British , whilst acting and speaking in a manner totally un-British !


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