Open Letter to Dr Haass

Dear Dr Haass
hello again2
Welcome back to Northern Ireland!!
I heard you were surprised

to be coming back.You and the US thought NI was all sorted out in the GFA and we all walked off into the sunset
And if NI had ongoing and unsolved problems, they ranked below many other international concerns for you.
no priority
I hope you appreciate the great street party Loyal Peaceful Protestors are planning for you
21st September
20 bands, 5000 participants and 5,ooo supporters!!
Police Federation chairman Terry Spence

terry spence
said there was the potential for violence. You may even get the chance to watch firsthand what happens during the summer marching season.
What an eye-opener to real life in Ulster!!

No doubt you have an efficient plan for your ambitious agenda
“dealing with parades, dealing with flags and emblems, dealing with the legacy of the past, discussing the future, the challenge of dealing with the segregated nature of housing, schooling, and the like.


sinn fein
Mr McGuinness expects you to provide the opportunity to cut the ground from under extreme loyalists and extreme so-called republicans.
I am sure you realize what you are up against

unionist win2
No surrender

TUV leader Jim Allister said that his party — which is not part of the talks — would ensure there was no “backsliding” on issues such as the Maze peace centre.“Nor, is there room for a unionist community, which has been required to give at every turn, to make further concessions in some trade off to promote ‘the process’.”
paisley 4
Jamie Bryson has already posted “Richard Haass already calling for “compromise” In one swoop he has shown us the trajectory of these talks.
“Loyalism has compromised enough. No more”
what part no
dup banner
Mr Robinson:”Richard Haass can’t resolve our problems for us.”
DUP Finance Minister Simon Hamiltonsaid that “working with Sinn Fein itself is not something we want to do naturally” but added: “We are in a forced coalition where we have to work together.
Orange Order Grand Secretary Drew Nelson,
OrangeMan back
architect of the Orange Order’s strategy for almost a decade
fantasy land
wants you to implement OCSE Guidelines on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, a parades code drawn up for regulating marches in eastern and southern Europe. OCSE recommend negotiation in cases of controversial parades – which the Orange Order refuses to do in Belfast.
Mr Nelson said that the principles underpinning the substantive document should extend right across Europe. The guidelines state that “It is neither possible nor desirable to draft a single transferable model law that could be adopted by all OSCE participating states”
Our lovely SOS
has already signalled
Downing Street would have concerns over any plans to deal with the past that were costly, left security forces open to undue criticism or involved public inquiries.
britishness and irishness
You indicated you will meet your end of 2013 deadline for making recommendations and drawing up a consensus document but you yourself seem to anticipate failure
“I am an independent chair and will come at this with my own best take on things. At the end of the day the British government, the Irish government, the leadership of Northern Ireland itself – individuals and governments are going to have to decide what they are prepared to sign-up to, what they are prepared to support”.
Finally, public approval of NIs system of government and politicians at an all-time low. The rankings for our politicians and the Assembly are shown to be among the worst of any government anywhere in the world
worst day
So why not strike out and
something new
Propose Interim Joint Sovreignty
And let the two Secretaries of State work it out

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