HM Government says NO

dark shadow
Our lovely SOS
said “The Government does not believe that selecting a further series of cases for public inquiries is the best way to deal with the past in Northern Ireland.”
to the Omagh families
to the Ballymurphy families
to the Finucane family
to the McGurk’s Bar families
no way
to the families of the Enniskillen bomb victims
Not for Photosales
what part no
They can all play merry-go-rounds
with the HET
het team
coroners court
and Police Ombudsman
police ombudsman
And if you were one of the 40,000 victims that were left seriously injured, you don’t fit into one of those categories
bad luck
Her Majesty’s Government
eliz ii
house of commons
has failed the people of Northern Ireland by refusing to investigate past abuses, ensuring that they continue to cast
dark shadow
a dark shadow on our present and future
Amnesty International
has called for the UK government to establish a new method of dealing with the past in Northern Ireland that would
re-investigate controversial killings and attacks carried out by all sides, including state agents.
identify those responsible at all levels and
issue recommendations aimed at securing victims’ right to reparation, the report said.
sinn fein
is convinced that we need an independent, international truth recovery body as a mechanism to deal with the past
The foundation of such a process cannot have the British government
as so-called arbiters. They were a party to the conflict and as such continue be involved in cover-ups while refusing to deal adequately with issues such as collusion and shoot to kill.”
what part no
Our lovely SOS
may feel that she has ended the matter with this refusal,
but the questions will not go away.

Remember: It forms part of the state’s duty to
duties uk 3
conduct prompt, thorough, effective, independent and impartial investigations into certain human rights violations and abuses, including, killings,suspicious deaths, life-threatening attacks, and torture and other ill-treatment.
The duty to investigate applies to all such acts, regardless of whether they are committed by state or non-state actors.
duties uk 1

Societies that understand past violations and abuses and the reasons they occurred ensure they are never repeated

Click to access eur450042013en.pdf

Click to access mcgurk_ombud.pdf–villiers-no-inquiry-into-enniskillen-bomb/?

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