Interim Joint Sovreignty – Specific Tasks

You do go on about this interim joint sovereignty. I want to ask you something about the whole business.
First of all, will it be interim or permanent?
interim  or permanent
It will be interim insofar as we cannot bind future generations to an unchanging future.
binding future generations
It will be permanent insofar as it will be will be in place for as long as needed and wanted.
What exactly does it mean?
It’s a solution
olive branch
The Brits in NI keep their Britishness, the Irish in NI keep their Irishness
britishness and irishness
What will happen?
There will be nothing more for Loyalists and Republicans or Nationalists to fight over.
the end
It will signify the end of the road for paramilitary organizations.
the end
Both governments would make it clear to them that this was last chance saloon as far as they were concerned.
last chance saloon
You said the two Secretaries of State would start looking at how to match up laws and administrations in the Republic and the UK,
matching up
and propose steps towards eliminating the differences. For example?
for example
Laws can be adjusted so that elected representatives will take their seats in Westminster
house of commons
or the Dail.
The UK and Eire governments can come to an agreement or compromise on the the corporation tax.
compromise agreement
In Ireland it is 12.5%, and is often cited as an example of tax competition, as it is used as an incentive for foreign companies to invest in the state. All the Stormont Executive parties
stormont castle3
agree that the corporation tax match should match the Republic’s and power to levy it should be devolved to Northern Ireland.
However, in the UK the corporation tax will fall from 23% to 20% in 2015.
corporation tax 2
The DUP want an eventual 10% rate to build up our economy with foreign firms seeking a foothold in Europe. Under EU rules,
changes would involve a cut in Northern Ireland’s block grant because Northern Ireland must levy the tax itself and bear the shortfall out of local revenue.
pay up
London cannot make up the difference.
Joint Sovreignty will abolish the Stormont Assembly,
with remarkable savings for the UK Exchequer. The reduced corporation tax will lower Northern Ireland’s block grant from the UK. Both governments should find it easy enough to reach a compromise agreement.Indeed it looks as if the UK has everything to gain!!
everything to gain1
Furthermore, if Stormont assembly parties fail to resolve their differences over welfare reform
uk treasury
could start to levy multi-million pound fines on Stormont from the start of 2014.
So it looks as though they have nothing to lose but more potential debt.

Joint Sovreignty could well be in everyone’s interest!!


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