How Violent Is Northern Ireland?

27th Aug- 2nd Sept 2013

14 individuals were attacked, most in Belfast
A 16-year-old boy was grabbed by a man grabbed and struck in the face twice with a beer bottle .
A 17-year-old was stabbed in the Parkhall area, Antrim


A 20 year old youth is in critical condition with serious head injuries in hospital after he was brutally assaulted in Lisburn
A 23-year-old man had an unknown liquid thrown in his eyes and face, a slash to his chest and a head wound.
A 26-year-old received treatment for a chest wound.
A 27 year old was punched and robbed
A 29-year-old was attacked by a knife-wielding gang during a robbery.
A 29-year-old was attacked and robbed at public toilets.
Two men were left badly shaken after shots were fired at a house in Dundrum at around 2am on Tuesday

A 26-year-old woman was stabbed in a robbery at her house.
A 31 year-old who answered the door of her home in Mourne Road, Lurgan to a stranger was punched in the head and face and stamped on

11 reports of Sectarian Threats, Vandalism, Arson and Robbery
Vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to two of the decorative screens erected in preparation for the G8 summit.
There was a series of attempted hijackings in Londonderry.

burnt out van
A van was burned out by two men when it failed to start as they tried to make off in it
More than £20,000 worth of damage caused to a harvester in the Ballymena Road area of Portglenone. during the theft of £650 of diesel from the harvesterhammer robber
A Shankhill Road shop was robbed by a man armed with a hammer.
shop arson
A calculated and deliberate arson attack destroyed three adjoining shops on the outskirts of west Belfast
petrol bomb house
Police investigating a petrol bomb attack on a house in Ballykeel, Ballymena, County Antrim arrested 14 men and a 16-year-old boy.
Clifton St Orange Hall in Belfast was attacked with paint bombs

Religious Disturbances
protestant congregation
Around 40 people attending Sunday service at the Ballynahinch Congregational Church, on the Dromore Road, began heckling, shouting and jeering at the minister, tried to pull the plug on the church organ. head-butted someone and forced the removal of a church trustee from the building. They intend to continue the protest next week
no popery
Unionist paramilitaries warned several bars in Larne not to serve Catholics.
rbp march
A north Belfast priest said he was “disappointed” and “disheartened” that a Royal Black Institution (Orange Order)feeder parade played music as it passed his Catholic Church while Mass was taking place.
Cliftonville players Liam Boyce and Conor Devlin complained of sectarian abuse and a death threat to “cut our throats” as they watched a match at Windsor Park on Saturday.

4 security alerts, including 1 hoax
Sixteen semi-automatic handguns and 800 rounds of ammunition were found buried in woodland on the Lisnabreeny estate, a National Trust property on the south-east outskirts of Belfast.
rocket launcher
A rocket launcher and at least two mortars were discovered in Cullyhanna, south Armagh
real ira
Two men aged 27 and 33 were arrested as part of investigations into dissident republican activity in the South Armagh area and later released unconditionally
twad protest
A number of people breached police lines at a loyalist protest in North Belfast .
A controlled explosion was carried out after a suspicious object was discovered close to an Orange Hall in Newcastle.
The alert was declared a hoax

2 Major Institutional Issues
policing board
The Northern Ireland Policing Board has been criticised over the way in which it holds officers to account.
het team
The overall conclusion of recent HMIC report into the historical Enquiries team ( HET) has vindicated concerns , confirmed criticisms, and shown the HET has failed families.


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