Interim Joint Sovreignty – Tasks

Why do you keep pushing this line of interim Joint Sovreignty?
Because it’s the only option. We need to end this perpetual stalemate
with both traditions fighting for control
And whose fault is that?
As long as the Orange Order
orangeman in ni
controls what happens in Northern Ireland through the Unionist parties, none of the reforms that the GFA promised will be implemented.
no way forward
It’s an out of date document we didn’t sign up to. It’s being used as a pretext by Sinn Feiners to chip away at our Britishness
bullshit detected
It’s a binding international Agreement
Dealing with the Past, Victims, a Bill of Rights, the Irish Language Act have all been dumped

no way forward
The HET Enquiry
het team
showed RUC officers were employed to cover up what went on in the past
The BBC Spotlight programme

bbc spotlight
and the Equality Can’t Wait report
equality cant wait
are raising questions about on-going sectarianism in social housing allocations
The International Maze/Long Kesh Peace centre was cancelled without so much as a by your leave.

The ghosts of thousands who passed through that prison and died because of it are crying out for justice
dirty p
Police find 16 semi-automatic hand-guns
and nearly 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Did you know that each gun could cost up to a $1,000? Who do you think they were destined to be used against?
uvf sil
This place is totally out of control. Even the police said they could no longer cope
So what are these two secretaries of State supposed to do?
As I told you they will implement what people signed up for in the GFA
And then?
While that’s being bedded down and people get used to living in a society where a bigoted anti-Catholic organisation no longer rules the roost, they can start looking at how to match up
matching up
laws and administrations in the Republic and the UK, and propose steps towards eliminating the differences.
You do have to accept the Orange State was abolished 50 years ago and it’s not coming back
no way back
If Scotland votes for independence next year
Britain itself may break up
And the UK government would be very foolish not to be making contingency plans.Where do you think you lot fit in?
You know don’t have many friends
You’ve got to get rid of this head in the sand attitude.



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