Gerry Mander Lives On!!

1969 vs 2013
Spot the difference!

I suppose you’re pleased to hear Gerry Mander is alive and well, happily prospering in North Belfast
gerry mander
What are you talking about?
Remember what we used to call Gerrymandering? Using housing to maintain electoral control? It was about ensuring that certain areas are populated with your sort of people
Don’t you remember Unionist councils built very few houses for Catholics?
house div
Civil rights do-gooders used housing as a stick to beat Unionism. They certainly didn’t raise an uproar about discrimination against Protestants in nationalist controlled councils. Themmuns and the Provies started a 40 year war over that
civil rights march
It was nothing but a hysterical reaction to maybe a few instances of malpractice which were needed to maintain unionist control. Anyway that’s all in the past.
But it’s not.
housing executive
Power, territory, identity and security have always been cornerstones in the story of housing in Northern Ireland
ulster will fight
And it’s no different today. The Participation And Practice of Rights Organization have just published a report called Equality Can’t Wait.
equality cant wait
It says “a series of ministerial, statutory and council failures
all change
have compounded religious inequality in housing across North Belfast” and “these failures have adversely impacted on the Catholic community”.

its not true
The organization is backed by the UN.
Rather than tackling Catholic housing the Housing Executive prioritise engineering a shared space in Belfast city centre. Well we saw last week just how much a shared space Royal Avenue is
riots in ra
How does the Housing Executive know who is a Protestant and who is a Catholic?
The report explains how they removed protections which ring-fenced new social homes for areas impacted by religious inequality. It doesn’t sound like this type of thing goes on anywhere else in the UK Minister McCausland
seems to have some problems with the fact that the other sort
the other sort
are the significant majority of those in real need
You’re always so one-sided. Didn’t you see a Belfast High Court judge found the allocation of some houses by St Matthew’s Housing Association in Short Strand
short strand2
was “not fair or equitable”.A former Sinn Féin councillor failed to declare a conflict of interest.The Judge talked about nepotism
bad apple
One example vs nearly 100 years of gerrymandering. Spot the difference!

force of government
Anyway the judge will have ruled on what to do and that will be done
The report says that according to Housing Executive policy, promoting equality as required by law would be ‘divisive’.
Not this policy.The peace walls and segregation are divisive.
art wall
They make equality difficult if not impossible.
I’ll tell you what’s divisive in North Belfast – this housing policy, Orange Order parades and protests, refusal to countenance Republican parades.
It’s just another example of not an Inch

not an inch
The Orange Order and the Unionists are like King Canute.
They just want to stop a Nationalist MP from being elected for North Belfast. There are very few votes between Nigel Dodds and Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly.
gerry kelly
In the near future, there could well be no Unionists representing Belfast in Westminster alliance logoMP in the East,
sinn fein
MPs for the North and West and
sdlp logo
MP in the South.



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