Interim Joint Sovreignty – Tackling The Culture Of Intolerance (2)

What does sectarianism mean to you?
It doesn’t exist.
It’s something the Catholics and Republicans dreamed up to pretend they are victims.
Yet people say sectarian violence and intimidation is a problem in the workplace and in the streets.
It involves attacks on people and property People are afraid to apply for jobs in certain areas.
fear job
How many times do I have to tell you? We are defending what’s ours.
defend ulster
What’s the reason behind it?
orangeman in ni
It’s “an affirmation of our religious belief in the face of the imperialism of the Catholic church”
People said the most prominent forms of harassment were sectarian graffiti
sectarian graffitti
sectarian jokes, being ostracised, sectarian songs

threats of violence and actual physical violence
Are you stupid or what? Them Catholics are disloyal. They wouldn’t accept NI as it was.
civil rights
They started a rebellion with them Civil Rights do-gooders and those terrorists in the Provisionals. And they lost.
unionist win2
Do you realize the sense of fear affects how people move around,
fear man
and how this is related to the time of day, or months of the year, which shops they use, what services are considered accessible,
as well as problems associated with going to school and socialising
This is a Protestant state for a Protestant people
keep ul prod
They know what that means.
There are 88 peace walls in Belfast alone
No interface barriers have been removed since the ceasefires were declared in 1994. In fact, even more have been erected.
Why are you talking about this?
Because we still don’t have any meaningful strategic approach to tackling sectarianism
no strategy
All they have done is paint the walls
art wall
The people on both sides don’t want the walls to come down. They feel safe behind them
safe behind wall
Anyway I don’t want to talk about this,
It’s is dangerous. If you talk about this it will change. it will all escalate. Lives will be lost. When the time is right we will deal with the walls from a position of strength
men at work
Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right.
ulster workers strike
If there is a problem, and I say If, it is not a significant problem,
and it’s not one you can do much about anyway.
The Government have been making proposals since 2003 Direct Rule ministers produced the 2005 document, ‘A Shared Future: Improving Relations in Northern Ireland’.
let them talk 2
In 2010 the DUP and Sinn Féin published their own model, the Cohesion, Sharing and Integration (CSI) strategy.A lot of experts said it as a “backward step for community relations” and found the “previous strategic goal of reconciliation” was replaced by the target of encouraging “mutual accommodation”.
The Alliance Party published a report entitled “For Everyone”

end bigotry
In 2013 Mr Robinson and Mr McGuiness proposed another cohesion and sharing strategy
hot air
Long on ideals and short on practical details. We did a good job there
all change
Admittedly no targets were mentioned.
Summer camps, separate entrances into neighbouring schools. Community initiatives, Jobs for the boys!Think that’ll work? It wasn’t meant to!!
nowhere fast
President Obama said he wanted the walls to come down
Did he?
With Joint Sovreighty
the walls will come down, whether you want them to or not and sectarianism will be dealt with
Don’t you realise there’s

no way back
The Belfast Good Friday Agreement is a legally binding international accord between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The two Secretaries of State
will provide the leadership to move beyond the political elites and designed apartheid, towards an inclusive society at peace with itself
olive branch

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