Interim Joint Sovreignty – Tackling the culture of intolerance

Did you see the news? Racist graffiti on a house in east Belfast
“Any Taig will do”
He’s Nigerian. He said “Being a black human person living in Belfast, if that’s a crime, that’s the only crime I’ve committed”.
Our only crime was Loyalty
uvf sil
So that doesn’t include rompering,
Loyalist butchers,
If you cannot vent your sectarian hatred against Catholics, like children at Holy Cross,
holy cross
or Drumcree
then you turn on others – Chinese, Romanians, Poles, whoever
More than 100 Romanian people have fled their homes in Belfast, saying they feel intimidated after a series of attacks

rumanians flee
“They were easily picked upon. They weren’t well defended. They hadn’t any political representation”
In 2009 Marek Muszynski was robbed, brutally attacked and told ‘go back to your own country, you’re not wanted in Ireland’
Taig and foreigner. He had it coming.
You repeated the message for Catholics last year.

You burnt Polish Flags on 11th Night bonfires
polish flag bonfire
double whammy
So? If a racist is someone who puts their own people, culture and heritage first…then we should be proud to be branded a racist.”
This is a Protestant State for a Protestant people
keep ul prod
Anyway there was no racism here until them immigrants and Gypsies arrived.
You stopped The Racial Equality Strategy, Stormont’s key policy tool against racism, from being implemented
re strategy
You put it in the
dep freeze
In 2010 you decoupled it from the project to tackle sectarianism.
all change
Discussions are stalled

no discussion
You have no intention of changing your ways.
anti PC banner
paisley 4
Don’t you realize that there is
no way back
We’re holding on. Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right
Under Joint Sovreignty
the two Secretaries of State

will ensure you fulfil your obligations to promote a Racial Equality Strategy.
olive branch
(to be continued)


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