Interim Joint Sovreignty – Promoting Gaelic

I will not talk about this with you anymore.
silent treatment
Why not?
chill out
The Orange Order, the DUP and the Loyalists oppose power-sharing by any means necessary
tooth and nail
Stormont ministers couldn’t provide information on their work for a major European report.
Because they hadn’t done anything.
The executive was unable to agree a common approach on minority languages.
No information was sent to the UK government.
not happy brit
The British Government is not happy.The EU is not happy
not happy
So what?
Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right
You didn’t submit details of how you promoting the Irish and Ulster-Scots languages.
dup banner
Where are the bilingual road signs?
You were supposed to remove barriers to the promotion and development of Irish. Can the MLAs speak in Irish in Stormont if they want to?
pipe dream
What about repeal of the 1737 legislation prohibiting the use of Irish in the courts?
The Judge said we didn’t have to do anything.
“Both grounds of challenge relied upon by the applicant are rejected” he said
What more do you want?
In the St Andrews Agreement you agreed to provide an Irish Language Act
You can watch TG4 if you want to, can’t you?
You’ve tied up progress in Irish with progress in Ulster Scots
ulster scots
A farm labourer’s dialect that no self respecting Ulster Protestant that wants their family to get on in this world will have anything to do with.
No more “have went”s and “I done”s for us! Ulster Scots is going nowhere. Irish “as Gaelge “ is going nowhere even faster.
nowhere fast
Under Joint Sovreignty the two Secretaries of State
will ensure you fulfil your obligations to facilitate and promote use of written and spoken Irish
iirish act


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