Interim Joint Sovereignty – The Only Option


Why are we even talking about Joint Sovreignty? We’re Unionists. We don’t hold with this sort of talk. It stinks of sell-outs and Lundies
We are discussing this because the number of electors voting for nationalist parties in the North is very close to the number voting unionist. Do you really expect London and Dublin to tell these people who have been denied their full nationality for 90 years
bad luck
“Hard luck! we can’t upset one of the most, unreasonable and perverted political ideologies on the planet? Northern nationalists have to be catered for and they aren’t about to give up their identity for you or anybody else.
They can choose now, can’t they? British
POLITICS Passport 1
or Irish passport.
What more do they want?
If the Stormont Assembly had worked the way it was supposed to you might have had a point. But it doesn’t. Even today the DUP changed their mind about supporting the Maze project.
Stormont costs a lot of money for very little output
There will never be a united Ireland.
There will be no Joint Sovreignty
anti PC banner
Why not? Because you say so?
yes of course
Be reasonable. Joint Sovereignty is a way forward for all moderates.
olive branch
It will please Nationalists. It is a step forward for hardline Republicans and a final compromise for hardline Loyalists.
paisley 4
Even the police said
We urgently need a reappraisal of the societal and political challenges facing Northern Ireland if we are to prevent an annual near-collapse in law and order here
What does Joint Sovreignty offer?
olive branch
A way to cope with divided and even dual loyalties. You can be loyal to the Irish state, the UK or both if you want to cherry pick from each.
olive branch
How would it work?
Dublin and London would both be responsible for dealing with local NI issues. Two Secretaries of State
would be working together for the benefit of all the people here. Sectarianism would no longer be a political issue. As a sociological problem, appropriate measures could be taken to deal with it.
What are the advantages?
Stormont would be scrapped,
saving the UK a lot of money, some of which would obviously still need to be spent on administering the Joint Sovreignty arrangements. But a lot would be saved.
What about our MLAs?
Out of a job!
MPs could decide if they wanted to take their seats in Westminster or the Dail.
Maybe we would need new local elections
Or maybe not – the main Parties are quite clear on where they stand on the issue. Alliance and the SDLP might have to make a decision one way or the other.
Be realistic!We aren’t going to like it. And we’re the majority.
political power
Either you learn to accept it as a great many will or your children will slowly seep away towards the ‘motherland’.
your choice
You will not listen to me. We will never live under a Dublin administration in any shape or form.
Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right
pipe dream
We will demand the UK Government compensates us for leaving our homes and setting up elsewhere.
You must be joking
No British citizen can demand government help for relocating relocate from one part of the UK to another. Or even from the UK to Canada or Australia.
no compensation
People change jobs, move to another part of the country and emigrate to commonwealth countries every day of the week. They pay for it all themselves unless their new employer offers some help in a relocation package.

Any other objections?


4 thoughts on “Interim Joint Sovereignty – The Only Option

  1. Yep, there will never be a united Ireland, its a fact, its inconceivable, Irish Nationalists need to understand that and I’m a Irish Nationalist and we do. The clear consequences of a united Ireland are unthinkable and
    the Irish Government would be the first to say that. The people of the republic would not have the stomach for it, why should we? and if it came to it, the Irish Government would say its not the right solution and reject a united Ireland for very good reasons which the electorate would support.

    Joint Sovereignty is the answer. Referendums every ten or fifteen years should be avoided as they would be cruel and divisive. The way to do this is to consider joint Sovereignty.



  2. thanks for your comment Liam – Joint sovreignty/authority could also include opting for either irish or british pay scales, taxation and corresponding benefits, schools offering either or both GCSEs and junior and leaving certificates, PSNI and garda Siochana training, patrolling and working together with councils in NI opting to have either or both in their areas and so on. it could be a very exciting and positive development for everybody


    • I do think it’s the solution, but what would you say to people who would say it’s a very freighening step . Would it be too much and push a small few over the edge and deliver us back to darker days?

      Ps. Love your blog , genuinely great reading , can’t put it down.


  3. glad you’re enjoying the blog Liam – thanks for the compliments and thanks for following. Much appreciated
    When you mention people who might say joint sovreignty/authority is a frightening step I presume you are referring to the loyalists because i don’t think anyone else would see it as scary or would threaten violence.
    Why should the loyalists be frightened? they would be able to opt in or out to either british or irish administration/police/schools etc as they wished in areas where they hold a majority. Nothing threatening there.Nothing to rebel against. We might even be surprised at their reactiion over time – they know what side their bread’s buttered on and would soon drop their complaints of “themmuns get everything – we get nahim” if they realised that all it took to improve their standard/quality of living was a simple decision on their part.


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