The Road to a Re-United Ireland

How far along are we?
a long way
Dismantling the Orange State
1) Provide justice for the Catholic, Nationalist, Republican community in employment, housing etc
2) Reduce the areas under the control Unionist/Loyalist Councils. Make the part under Catholic, Nationalist, Republican control a model of good governance.
3) Analyze the old, old misunderstandings. Eliminate them by force of reasoned arguments and evidence
4) Use the mass media
5) Unionist parties start bidding against each other for Catholic support

Steps Towards Ending Partition

fork in the road
6)Restore a normal society in Northern Ireland
before tackling an agreed settlement and any move to get rid of Partition


7) Sweep Partition away.
sweep away
There will be no solution of the “Ulster” problem until the power of the Orange Order is broken. The GFA has done as much as it could.

Way Forward
8) Focus the national will on ending partition

9) Provide a policy to translate Nationalism/Republicanism from a political aspiration into an economic reality
So how are we doing in 2013? How many boxes can we tick?


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