Is Ulster as British as Finchley?

You keep bringing up this disagreeable subject of a Re-united Ireland.
I’m not talking to you any more
silent treatment
Just like William Humphrey won’t talk to Sinn Fein?
What does that achieve?

You don’t and won’t understand .
no understabding
We are as British as Finchley.
The Blessed Margaret said so.
margaret thatcher
Are we?
She signed up to the Anglo-Irish Agreement
anglo-irish agreement
The Irish government has nothing to say in what goes on in Finchley but it has in NI
no comment
Do the people in Finchley beat up the Lord Mayor when he opens a park?
opens park
What do the English think about Northern ireland?
english people1
NI needs to convince us why it should exist.
english 5
You are an irrelevance and a drain on our purse.
english 4
You baffled us until our SOS told us you didn’t display British behaviour and then all became clear .
You are using us to justify sectarianism and a distaste of everything Irish
english 7
the only reason NI is still part of the UK is that it is the least worst option.
english people2
You over-emphasise your Britishness in order to reject being Irish
english people 3
You want a shared future with no Irish identity at all
english people
Is distaste for Ireland all there is to unionism?
no comment
If Ulster is as British as Finchley, where are all the British national parties in the local elections?
The Conservative and Ulster Unionist party failed to gain a single MP. And were
Socialist-oriented Unionists, especially trade unionists working in the Belfast shipyards, applying to the Labour Party to set up in Northern Ireland, were told to join the nationalist SDLP,
sdlp club
which takes the Labour whip at Westminster. Like I told you a couple of days ago, the Labour Party favours unification by consent
And the Lib-Dems

are allied with Alliance
alliance logo
and are neutral
So are we really as British as Finchley?
reality check


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