Who wants a Re-united Ireland?

Will you sit down?
sit down

Take that scowl off your face
Listen for 5 minutes?
Without any hysterics?

Who do you think wants a Re-united Ireland?
Them dissos
real ira
The Shinners and the IRA
sf uniting
Sinn Fein certainly does. They even stated in their 2009 Stormont Assembly Manifesto that they were” preparing for unity by expanding all-Ireland political and economic cooperation and by strengthening local democracy”
Anybody else?

What about the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
sdlp club
Like most parties and people it is in favour of Irish reunification through peaceful means.
As is Fianna Fáil

fainna fail
Fine Gael
fine gael
And the Irish Labour Party
irish labour
They don’t count. They’re in the Free State
Which hasn’t existed since 1949. Do keep up!
What do you say to the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP)
irsp logo
It’s main aim is the creation of a 32 County Socialist Republic.
And then there’s Éirigí
another Irish Republican socialist party
Have you ever heard of the Christian Solidarity Party?
It’s an Irish nationalist Christian democratic party.
icds logo
It supports Irish reunification and holds a commemoration every year in Dublin to remember the 1916 rising.
Apart from political parties as such there are also pressure groups
jointhe movement
The Republican Network for Unity
is based in Belfast with small memberships in Derry and Dublin. It’s written a manifesto
standing outside
The 1916 Societies,
1916 societies
a cross between a pressure group and a history society
are committed to fostering and promoting Irish unity. They’ve even launched an ‘on-line petition

1916 petition
to assist all Irish citizens, including the Irish Diaspora, to register their support for the establishment of a sovereign independent Republic.

In a major political initiative the 1916 Societies wrote to every member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP’s) asking them to support the campaign for an all Ireland referendum. Next years referendum is about Scottish independence and it is also about the future of the UK state. The same state which continues to occupy part of Ireland. For Irish republicans in Scotland next years vote of a strategic priority. We must do all we can to encourage a Yes vote. The people of Ireland have the same democratic rights as the people of Scotland. The right to national self-determination, exercised through a national constitutional referendum, just like Scotland is Ireland’s democratic future.You can read all about it here

A facebook site is collecting signatures too

The aim is simple; encourage 1 million people to sign up in support of Irish unity. It was started at the end of last December and has already got over 20,000 people signed up.

There is strong support for a United Ireland in the USA
usa map
Florida, Louisiana, California, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have all passed resolutions calling for the U.S. Congress to promote and support the unification of Ireland.
As I already told you all major political parties in Britain now accept that a united Ireland can be achieved with the consent of the majority of the people of Northern Ireland.
paisley 4
That’s no longer an option!!
You’re looking rather isolated, besides bigotted and reactionary. Why don’t you

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