Chickens home to roost

brit chicks
Your chickens are certainly coming home to roost aren’t they?
chickens 2
What do you mean by that?
The UK is not best pleased
not best pleased
with your attitude towards the EU over the Irish language act
iirish act
The A5 road may be going ahead
People are suing the police commissioner because the HET didn’t deliver

So what? We put our ex-RUC people in
to make sure nothing was uncovered retrospectively. We were successful, weren’t we?
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate’s been reporting
het team
and they won’t go away you know.
brit chicks
I heard there might be more of them coming

Who do you think supports you?
The British Government
Do they?
The Conservative Party’s current position


is to “[work] in Northern Ireland to restore stable and accountable government based on all parties accepting the principles of democracy and the rule of law.”
Will they support you attacking the Lord Mayor as he was opening a park
opens park
and injuring police officers?

He wasn’t attacked. He was jostled
Anyway the Lib Dems
support the Belfast Agreement whilst expressing reservations about what they perceive as its institutionalised sectarianism

Which we talked about yesterday
They are closely linked to the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
alliance logo
and share their neutral position
on the constitutional question of Northern Ireland
You didn’t endear yourselves to them during the Fleg protests did you?


The Labour Party
labour logo
supports a policy of neutrality
in line with the Downing Street Declaration

Since you have so little unqualified support, why don’t we explore the option a new re-united Ireland?
How dare you mention that to me? You disso!
real ira
Chill out.
chill out
Don’t get so hysterical.
Your inability to look at the issue rationally is quite remarkable
calm down 2
We’ll talk about it later
(to be continued)


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