Loyalist backlash?

I’m more than angry with you. I’m furious
I’ve spent the weekend trying to decide if I wanted to have anything more to do with you

I thought you were a reasonable, understanding sort of person.
Instead you’re a sock puppet for one of them dissos.
real ira
Imagine even mentioning a new re-united Ireland when you’re talking to me!

You poor fools have been sold a dream of victory by Sinn Fein and that’s all it is – a dream.
pipe dream

There will never be a united Ireland
paisley 4
We will not be subsumed into any sort of United Ireland – whether it’s a post- colonial re-united or whatever it is!
anti PC banner
We will not be going quietly
You’re a tiny British and Unionist ethno-national minority in the UK and in Ireland
but you’re saying that there can be no reunification of Ireland because you will oppose it
through violence and the threat of violence no matter what the circumstances?
yes of course
And I’ve been sold a dream of victory?
pipe dream


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