Answering the Irish Question

We’ve spent years trying to guess the answer to the Irish Question. Unfortunately, whenever we were getting warm, Unionists and Loyalists secretly changed it.

So what is the Irish Question today?

What happens in Northern Ireland without major changes in government and governance?
Answer – more of the same old, same old.
same old
We’ve had enough
it's over
Isn’t re-partition an option?
What about another attempt at our agreed solution?
power sharing
Waste of time adjusting this
and tweaking that
Miss GFA Northern Ireland has already shown us agreed solutions can’t be implemented within the schizophrenic mindset of a bitterly divided society
school report
So it’s all change
paisley 4
Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right
ulster will fight
No you won’t.
100 years ago you were at the economic heartbeat of the British Empire, represented by Edward Carson, Bonar Law etc. Now you’re a bunch of Flegspeople
and Orange rioters,
displaying your prejudice and hatred of Irish citizens
You need to realize this is no longer a Unionist state for a Protestant people. There’s
no way back
We promise to make Northern Irelanda place where people from Catholic/Nationalist backgrounds
but not Republicans?
easter lily
feel at home

if this we can stay in the UK
map uk

No you won’t. You’ve had your chance over the past 15 years. You’re are not fit for any government. You’re a tiny minority
You’re an irrelevance to the bigger picture in three countries but your sectarian bigotry holds us all hostage
and it’s time you were put in your proper place
Which is?
house of commons
and/or the Dail
Back to Direct Rule, eh?.
direct rule
No. Devolution is a part of UK policy
On to something new and different. A Re-united Ireland
Indeed one DUP councillor has already expanded his horizons nationwide!

silly string

It’s time to move on from the past and do what is right for the future of the state and its people.

“We are bound to lose Ireland in consequence of years of cruelty, stupidity and misgovernment and I would rather lose her as a friend than a foe”. Gladstone

W.C. Sellar, 1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England
E. Gladstone in conversation with Margot Asquith, quoted in her More Memories (London: Cassell, 1933), p. 213.


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