Miss GFA Northern Ireland fails driving test!

SUBJECT: Miss GFA Northern Ireland
FATHER: Mr UK Britain, elderly, retired from Empire Building
MOTHER: Eire Ireland, lives independently after traumatic divorce from the British family.


failed test
The British and Irish governments have repeatedly offered Miss GFA Northern Ireland self- government, but always with an ‘L’ plate and dual controls.
Miss GFA northern Ireland was repeatedly instructed on how to make Northern Ireland work as a common home for us all.
She was constantly reminded that the 2011 census reveals 48% of the resident population are either Protestant or brought up Protestant, and 45% of the resident population are either Catholic or brought up Catholic,
house div
The Stormont Assembly is working.
Is it?
Your politicians cannot agree on historical truth
historical truth
What are you talking about?

Everyone knows the conflict was started and continued by a group of bloodthirsty psychopaths called the IRA,
Do they?
Or do some people believe that a group called the IRA defended the Catholics in NI from Loyalist and RUC aggression and continued a struggle for national freedom that is centuries old?

easter lily
Your politicians cannot agree on,
let alone reach, any form of reconciliation,

Fighting about parades, demonstrations and commemorations exposes the sectarian fault-lines lying underneath the surface of Miss GFA Northern ireland
and tears the society apart for ordinary men, women and children
rip apart
 40 years of strife and snail-like progress on moving towards a modern European society

It’s time to call a day
it's over
on Miss GFA Northern Ireland
Miss GFA Ulster
and on her Power-sharing therapy
power sharing
Her doctors agree that until there is a settlement that breaks the current stalemate Northern Ireland is consigned to perpetual schism
house div
Her instructors agree Miss GFA Northern Ireland needed to concentrate less on the rear view
and more on what she could see through the windscreen.

They are convinced Ireland needs something new, different and better
something new
It’s the future that matters, not the past.


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