Why Scrap Northern Ireland? Why Not?

I’m angry with you. Over your idea of scrapping Northern Ireland
Why? I told you it’s a basket case that costs the British billions.
basket case
You’ve been a nuisance from the start
uvf sil
You openly preached rebellion
“Ulster will fight” you said
ulster will fight
Men were killed. Arms were landed in the Larne gunrunning
larne gunrunning
On the eve of World War I you invoked the assistance of the Kaiser
The forces of the crown were defied and commanders seduced from their allegiance in the Curragh Mutiny
curragh mutiny
And it’s gone on ever since – the Orange Fascist State with its B Special Police Force
b specials
and its Special Powers Act to suppress the Catholics in Northern Ireland as a community and treat them as an internal enemy
The Ulster Workers Strike to defy the Sunningdale Agreement
ulster workers strike
You all supported Ian Paisley and his bigotry for decades

paisley 4

You’re a despicable sub-culture in the UK and in Ireland

Total population UK: 63 million. (2011 census)
RoI: 4.58m
British Isles: 67.58 millon

NI: 1.8 million
Protestants:864,000 (48%)
Loyalists: 500,000? (0.735% in British Isles)

Why should we all be held hostage to a minority? The British have no reason to hold on any longer. Change is inevitable. It just has to be achieved democratically.
What’s democratic about eliminating our Britishness?
flag bonfire
What Britishness?

Our lovely SOS

even told the House of Commons at Westminster
house of commons
“it’s hard to think of anything less British and less patriotic then wrapping yourself in the Union flag and going out to attack the people that are there to maintain the rule of law and protect the whole community”.<
how dare you
What about our culture?
Call what Ruth Patterson said culture?

Imagine this scenario: loyalist paramilitaries attack the coming Tyrone IRA Volunteers Commemoration on Sunday August 11, using machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades, before listing leading Sinn Féin politicians among the ‘fatalities’.
Former Belfast City deputy mayor Ruth Patterson added a comment: “We would have done a great service to Northern Ireland and the world getting rid of these evil, devious, scum like individuals.”

She apologised, didn’t she?
But she’s been arrested,hasn’t she?
The police said its public order inquiry team had
psni badge
arrested a 57-year-old female in relation to offences concerning the sending of grossly offensive communications and other serious criminal offences in relation to intimidation and encouraging criminal acts.”

We’ve conceded everything to them Republicans.
An equal right to have a say in how the country they live in is run is not a concession that unionists or loyalists have to give. It is a right that many unionists/loyalists fought tooth and nail to prevent from happening
human rights
Even Margaret Thatcher said the Troubles would never end with you lot. She wasn’t far wrong.
rust no more
This year we had the Fleg protests
the Police attacked
businesses closed
We’ve had enough

it's over

its over

Why do you think all those ‘educated ‘ Protestants ‘and Catholics left ?
They just wanted to enjoy a normal life.
Face up to reality
reality check
The occupied 6 counties, our wee country, are simply not worth the hassle
not worth it
Say goodbye to the whole shoddy artifice of NI
goodbye Begin anew .
begin anew
I’ll show you how in the next posts

Andrew Boyd (2001): Republicanism and Loyalty in Ireland


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