Floundering in Red Sky

red sky
The “most serious case of corruption since devolution was restored in 1998“.
Why? What went on before?

don't know
Don’t know. Nobody mentioned anything.

Stormont Assembly will be recalled from summer recess on Monday to deal with the fall out
What has happened?
Social development minister Nelson McCausland. and his special adviser Stephen Brimstone are accused of political interference and bringing pressure to bear on Lisburn DUP councillor and housing Executive board member.
phone call
Jenny Palmer claims she was told to put party interests first by voting on a request from Mr McCausland to extend Red Sky’s contract with the Housing Executive.
phone call 2
The £8 million-a-year contract had been terminated in 2011 following allegations that

the East, East, East  Belfast firm had overcharged for housing Executive work.
Red Sky has admitted it mistakenly (?) charged the Executive for work on two apartment blocks that no longer exist.
The Housing Executive has suffered a series of scathing reports about shoddy workmanship and financial irregularities involving contractors.
There were separate allegations of corruption, unrelated to any DUP member.

housing executive
The minister is also facing questions over a meeting he and DUP leader Peter Robinson had with Red Sky management after the company,which employed 450 people, had been placed in administration.

What did the Minister say?


Mr McCausland denied any involvement in the awarding of housing Executive contracts.
I can assure you categorically that I have never sought to influence any contracts, neither this nor any other contract, indeed neither do I have any role in this”.

What did Sinn Fein say?
things happen
They want 2 investigations and 1 inquiry
A fresh and thorough PSNI investigationInvestigation2

A Parliamentary Standards Commissioner

to investigate “relevant matters raised in the programme as a matter of urgency”.

The social development committee will hold an inquiry into the allegations.
What did the SDLP say?
accused the minister of attempting to avoid answering “pertinent questions” during yesterday’s committee hearing”.
“Serious allegations and questions remain about the DUP and the assembly must be given the opportunity to test the veracity of more than one minister,

truth serum

What did the UUP say?
Stand aside Mr McCausland while an independent investigation takes place.
Is that a 3rd type of investigation?
Looks like it.

What did the Alliance Party say?

I hope there will be unanimous support for an independent inquiry
Inquiry No 3 or 4?

What about the TUV?
Jim Allister has asked the head of the civil service to investigate the conduct of Mr Brimstone, the minister’s special adviser.
investigation 4
Investigation No 5?
Think so. I’ve lost count


Update January 2015: 

Here’s how one of those Inquiries is going.

Admire Mr Brimstone’s remarkable

lack of recall and inability to answer questions


Thanks  for the link  Harry, 



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