He styles himself An Orangeman of Northern Ireland.
He considers he accurately describes his origin and country and does honour to his country in taking his designation from it
In a village of Northern Ireland, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind,
NI village
there lived one of those gentlemen that keep an Orange sash in the tallboy with a suit of fine cloth and shoes to match for marching in Orange Order parades, the largest public Protestant witness of their kind anywhere in the world.
orangeman in ni
The Founding Fathers of Orange decided that parades were an appropriate medium to witness for their faith and to celebrate their cultural heritage.
sectarian graffitti
orange arch
The age of this gentleman was bordering on fifty; he was of a hardy habit, spare, gaunt-featured, a very early riser and a great churchgoer. He had in his house a wife past forty, a daughter under twenty, and a lad to inherit his place in the Field.
orange family
He was convinced, . yes of course
despite all evidence to the contrary, that Protestants in Northern Ireland were discriminated against. He supported the Order ‘s statement saying “actions are being planned that will address the inequalities, sectarian hatred and humiliation faced by the Unionist community.”
He believed the only innocent victims in NI were killed by Republicans.
He was firmly convinced that he was required to take his stand for truth
Ulster will fight and Ulster will be rightand
ulster workers strike
He is determined to defend his culture and marching traditions .
He did not accept the Republican armed campaign was over. He did not support anyone who suggested Protestantism no longer needed to be defended as it was in 1795
paisley 4
He refused to discuss whether there must always be the right to march along traditional routes because otherwise was a denial of basic civil liberties.
He would not even talk with local residents.
He did not accept that his attitude could be construed as an offence against the civil liberties of the Non-Protestant people within the community
He would not be happy to see his son or daughter marry a Catholic no wedding
He set to work,
tooth and nail
fixing bars of iron on the inside of his resolve to march along more and more traditional routes and to commemorate more and more events in the History of His People.
He was satisfied with its strength;
unionist win2
and then, not caring to try any more experiments with it, he passed it and adopted it as a shield
anti PC banner
of the most perfect construction for resisting attacks
on the traditions and culture of the Protestant People of Ulster.
orange banner



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