Every Loyalist’s Dream

breaking news
Last night, already known as the Loyalist Heritage Night , Irish owned businesses in Ulster were attacked by thousands of Loyalists in the UDA,.UVF, DUP and the Orange Order. Bars, banks, and grocery stores were looted. Shops were destroyed, their windows smashed amid cries of ravaged Irish dancers, echoing through the glass-strewn streets.
Hundreds of Irish were killed in the raids, and countless more sent to concentration camps, scattered throughout Ulster.
kris arrests
Martin McGuiness and his SF Stormont Ministers were allowed to go AWOL.
According to a report by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty UK and Ireland. Adams and Kelly were verbally abused and carried by landrover to Dundalk and told not to come back.
After releasing the report, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty were closed down for publishing government information under the Official Secrets Act.

Our mission is to defend our Ulster homeland,” Willie Frazer. was quoted as saying.

The PSNI are currently considering Willie Frazer’s exhortation to arrest every Fenian in South Armagh, which essentially is the whole population.
Making sure Fenians have no place to hide, the UVF searched the Belfast to Dublin train
Buses are banned because they carry too many suspicious travellers.
On July the 12th, Irish pedestrians are advised to stay indoors, while Fenian sweeps take place to arrest thousands of Taigs in the Belfast area alone.

From July 12 under enacted Stormont Laws, Taigs are banned from driving or operating motorized vehicles as well as all diesel fuelled machinery that includes tractors.
The Stormont Laws withhold all banking services from all Fenians entirely, including their bank cards, requires Fenians to register their property and sets limits on the amount of wealth a Taig can have, while totally excluded from all banking services.

banks closed
Taigs are also denied the full protection of Irish and UK citizenship, including loss of habeus corpus and the rights of 800 year old Magna Carta to due process, court-appointed council, protection from arrest without probable cause, and being brought before a judge within 48 hours of arrest.

Catholics will be arrested for praying in the wrong way, particularly the Lords Prayer, for kicking with the wrong foot, for being engaged in photography, possession of computers, use of Gaelic emblems , facing away from the Union flag, trespassing on the property of hotels they are checked in to and smiling, particularly at murals in Belfast.

According to an evangelical leader of the Orange Order , “Bitter complaints have come in from countless places citing the provocative behaviour of Gerry Kelly, who interfered with British policing.

kelly and jeep

To prevent vigorous defensive action by the Loyalist people, we in the Orange Order have no choice but to contain the problem through legislative measures in Stormont. It may be possible, through a definitive secular solution, to create a basis on which the Ulster people can have a tolerable relationship with the Taigs. If this fails, it will be necessary to create a final solution.”


PS Taigs/Fenians = abusive Ulster terms for catholics and nationalists/republicans


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