Loyalism: a despicable sub-culture in the UK and in Ireland

orangeman in ni
Total population UK: 63 million. (2011 census)
RoI: 4.58m
British Isles: 67.58 millon

NI: 1.8 million
Protestants:864,000 (48%)
Loyalists: 500,000? (0.735% in British Isles)

LOYALIST PET HATES: Papists, Irish, Fenians, Lundies, Immigrants and all Gay people

Cultural traits of Loyalism:
a)Hang the Union Flag everywhere and let it rot into tatters

bedecked street

b)Attack/threaten anyone who tries to remove it ”How dare you take down our fleg?”

Tensions simmer in Northern Ireland months after flag protests
A fight over the Union Jack has released the kind of animosity many believed was history. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/europe/united-kingdom/130430/belfast-northern-ireland-flag-protests

c) Loyalists want you to respect their flag while reserving the right to burn yours.
“Your flag is foreign and it is part of our culture to burn it…”
tri burns

Ideologically, Loyalism is typified by a militant opposition to Irish Republicanism, and often also to Roman Catholicism. It stresses Protestant identity and community with its own folk heroes and events, such as the misfortunes and bravery of the 36th (Ulster) Division during World War I and the activities of the Orange Institution. Loyalists founded the Orange Order in 1795. Loyalist paramilitary groups include the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF),Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF), and the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). loyalist.askdefine.com

3)ACTS OF PROVOCATION against Republic of Ireland, Poland and fellow NI citizens
a) 11th night bonfires: (11th July) Burning Tricolours , Polish flags, Car tyres , old furniture and wood pallets to the value of tens of thousands of pounds An evening of drunken hate with the ubiquitous KAT(Kill ALL Taigs (Catholics) signs
burning tricolour

flag bonfire
b)The Environment: the pollution caused by the bonfire will affect the health of everyone who lives any were near it or who goes to watch it burn
Taxpayers: have to pay for the clean up operation
c) Burning cars/buses with Eire number plates
burnt car
Credit Union bus attacked in Belfast riot PETROL BOMBS THROWN THROUGH WINDOWS BY LOYALIST PROTESTORS http://www.independent.ie/regionals/enniscorthyguardian/news/credit-union-bus-attacked-in-belfast-riot-28974674.html
Up to 3.000 marches a year, accompanied by beating drums, wearing funny clothes and colourful sashes and annoying papists for three months of every summer and at every other opportunity
orangeman in ni


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