“Not by speeches and decisions of the UVF, UDA and the Orange Order will the greatest problems of NI be decided.”

Otto Von Bismarck

The Marching Season is viewed too tragically, and presented too tragically in the press; Stormont , the SOS and the Parades Commission do not seek to end it. If the crises can be contained, Stormont will gladly do so. The great independence of the Orange Order makes it difficult to rule Northern Ireland under the GFA. There are too many paramilitary bands, who have hatred at heart.
The Marching crisis, however, is no shame, but rather an annoyance and an expense. You are perhaps too educated to put up a veto – you are too critical. Public opinion wavers; the press is not public opinion; we know how that arises. The MLA, however, have the task of standing over public sentiment, and of guiding it. Once again I am calling on the political leadership of unionism and loyalism to state clearly that these attacks must stop immediately.
Your minds are clouded by history and you prefer its armour which is too great for your small Province to carry. Instead you should put History to your service.
Eire does not look to the UK’s liberalism, but to its power. Tyrone, Armagh, and Derry would like to turn to Eire, but they shall not assume Ulster’s role. Ulster must collect its forces for the favourable occasion, which has several times been neglected; Ulster’s borders are not favourable to a healthy national life.
Not by speeches and decisions of the UVF and the Orange Order will the greatest problems of Ulster ever be decided – that was the mistake of 1912-20 and onwards- but by Ulster’s people and equality laws.
This olive branch (he drew it from his memorandum book)
olive branch

I picked up in Avignon, to offer, as a symbol of peace, to the UVF, Fleggers and Orange Order:
I see, however, that it is still not the time for it.

We cannot allow those opposed to a shared future and a better Northern Ireland to dictate how we live within our communities.
Maire Hendron, Alliancehttp://www.u.tv/News/Living-at-interface-is-soul-destroying/1ea2e61d-1e6d-47f7-b824-4ca9ef3d4cb9


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