Progress Report – June 23, 2013

school reportSubject Miss GFA Ulster

Father: Mr UK Britain, elderly,  retired from Empire Building

Mother: Eire Ireland, lives independently after traumatic divorce from the British family.

Overall Assessment Gradual Improvement

Miss GFA Ulster is a young lady not unworthy to occupy a fitting position in her parents’ polished and refined circles of international peacemakers and business people.

Pacification Limited Success

This therapeutic strategy has attempted to remedy those defects and extreme points of view  which characterized Miss GFA Ulster’s birth and station as the problem child of her parents’ separation.

Industry  Woefully Lacking

The young lady’s unhealthy obsession with marching and her appalling outbursts of bigoted protestations and dissident violence still, on occasion, aggravate her parents and therapists and prevent any further investment in her.

Obedience Reluctant

Lack of co-operation has not endeared her to the multi-discipline therapy team

Mental Status Dichotomy persists.

Miss GFA/BA continues to blackmail her father emotionally. She protests total but conditional loyalty, and demands large sums of money to continue on her path of rehabilitation.  She also makes affectionate demands on her mother, who  now finds she is too old and too poor to cope with such  hopes and ideals, which indeed underlay her own divorce.

Religion and morality Pitiably slow progress after 15 years tutelage.

Miss GFA Ulster  still does not  carry within her heart a dedication to the well-being of all her citizens and remains unhealthily obsessed about what religion and allegiances they profess and what they did in her childhood. Despite this, she will hardly be found unworthy of more visits from her parents and the patronage of Presidents and other Heads of State.

Applied Arts Excellent

In music, in dancing, in orthography, in every variety of embroidery and needlework,  the Derry/Londonderry City of Culture and the Titanic Exhibition show Miss GFA Ulster will be found to have realized her parents’ fondest wishes.

Geography Poor

There is  still much to be achieved; the positions and roles of the EU and the USA  puzzle her.

Equality Lacks application

Careful and undeviating study and application  of the UN and EU Declarations of Human Rights, for four hours daily during the next three years, is recommended.Commitment to equality is a prerequisite for every fashionable Young Lady Province.

Miss GFA Ulster


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