The Orange Ulster Tales

orange tree


General Prologue

When June’s gentle rains pierce the drought

Of May right to the root, and bathe each sprout

With bigotry of such power

That it brings forth the Orange sour;

When bands with  loud drums blare

Through  roads and streets,  fanfare

For  followers and  Loyal families,

And flutes make sectarian melodies

And bonfires blaze all night, mouths open as can be

To cheer as flames on Taig flags dart,

On Marches then Ulster folks desire to start.

The Loyal Orders long to march miles and miles

Through town and city streets renowned in sundry lands;

And specially, from every county’s end

Ulster feet  to the Field they wend:

To rejoice in “Protestantism” is their will,

To walkover Catholics is their skill.


7 thoughts on “The Orange Ulster Tales

      • sorry if I seemed abrupt.
        I have just seen the rest of your last message, past the first line and a half which didn’t come up before…
        Mysteries of the web!
        I didn’t attend Trinity but some of my family do.Its a lovely university.
        I am glad you are enjoying the blog, particularly the picture posts . I hope they reinforce the message and help people remember it!!
        Please feel free to invite your friends and acquaintances to visit !


  1. thanks no probs, hey I got worried I might have been patronising you with the studying thing.
    yes I sure will — mostly I visit – however if you were to register there and post comments , users clicking on your name would very soon find out about your blog here .. I think you and fitzjameshorse would get along fine and dandy — he’s definitely been around the block on all these issues ..


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